I build beautiful and fast websites

Hi 👋, My name is Mayank Jani and I like to build good looking websites that are battle ready behind the scenes.

I believe in creating products that delight you.

Below are some of the projects that I have worked on.

If you like me to build websites for you, email me at mayankjani.dev@gmail.com.

I can take care of all the development and design responsibilities. Realize your ideas from concept to the final product and ship it 🚀

Mayank is a great person to work with. Although the project's UIs were designed beforehand, Mayank still would give constructive feedback and alternatives if we run into technical limitations, guiding the whole process from end to end up till launch. Great experience overall, would love to work more on other projects as well.
Gilbert Aligoey
Founder of Intentio
I’ve been working with Mayank for almost two years now. He consistently delivered professional and creative work. I would recommend him as web developer to anyone who wants to achieve fast and sensible results.
Matteo Bulgarelli
Founder & CEO of Ultidash
Mayank prepared a chrome extension from scratch - which I really liked. His work was terrific
Zulfiqar Tanwir
Founder of Regrateful Jar